You are eligible for a GuardTree Used Car Warranty if at the time of purchase, and during the protection period under your agreement, you meet ALL the following criteria: 

  • You reside in Ontario
  • Your vehicle is within its 13th model year at time of purchase (e.g. as of 2021, vehicles of model year 2008 and newer are eligible) 
  • Your vehicle odometer must be within 200,000 km at time of purchase
  • Your vehicle is owned under the name who purchased the warranty
  • You don’t use your vehicle outside of Canada for more than 6 months per year
  • You maintain insurance in the Province of Ontario for your Vehicle with a chartered insurance company in Canada
  • Your vehicle is maintained by a licensed repair facility, in accordance with the Owner’s Manual
  • Your vehicle has not been declared a total loss/write-off and has not been reconditioned
  • Your vehicle is not, and has not been, operated under an excluded use which includes: off-road or racing, heavy commercial use, use in any manner not recommended by the manufacturer, towing without a tow package installed or authorized by the manufacturer